Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni yesterday hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the Regional Transit Authority’s (RTA) and Jefferson Transit’s (JeT) new partnership — the Regional Ride pilot program. The program grants bus riders all-day access to both RTA and JeT bus lines for $6, without having to buy separate passes.

“The City of New Orleans is a proud partner in the project to broaden the reach of RTA. The Regional pass will offer an affordable transit option for New Orleans riders. I want to express my gratitude to Parish President Yenni for his partnership on this project,” Mayor Cantrell said.

Mayor Cantrell was joined by New Orleans City Council President Jason Williams and City Council members Jared C. Brossett (District D), Joseph I. Giarrusso (District A) and Kristin Gisleson Palmer (District C), chair of the Transportation Committee. Parish President Yenni was joined by Jefferson Parish officials including Sharon Leader, director of Jefferson Transit.

“This cooperation between the RTA and Jefferson Parish Transit is exactly the kind of regional cooperation we need. When we work together we can be a super region for our residents,” Council President Williams said.

“We celebrated the reinstatement of the Regional Ride program, which allows residents in Orleans and Jefferson parishes to buy one pass to transfer between both RTA and JeT lines for the first time in more than a decade. The program grants 24-hr access for $6 without having to buy separate passes and provides the connectivity transit riders need. Additionally, it will allow the RTA to begin to live up to its name and responsibility as a regional transit provider,” Councilmember Brossett said.

“Knocking down barriers at the parish line will allow public transit to truly serve all residents and businesses better. When we are connected as a region, everyone wins,” Councilmember Giarrusso said.

The Regional Ride program signals the re-commencement of regional public transit connectivity between Orleans and Jefferson parishes. Riders have been asking for regional transit, and in the true spirit of collaboration and regionalism, RTA and JeT partnered together to answer the public’s call.

Starting Sunday, September 9, 2018, Regional Ride passes are now available for purchase from both RTA and JeT. From RTA, they can be purchased via GoMobile and on buses/streetcars. From JeT, they can be purchased on buses.

The $6 pass is good for 24-hours and riders will be able to use the pass on all RTA buses/streetcars and JeT buses. This pass will make it more convenient to transfer between RTA and JeT vehicles.

The pilot program is expected to last six months. Usage of the 24-hour pass will be tracked and used to gather data on the number of people crossing between Orleans and Jefferson parishes by bus. The data will help determine how well the pilot program worked and how best to meet the needs of riders, moving forward.

Monthly revenue generated by the pass will be split 50-50 between Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

To learn more visit:, or call RTA’s Rideline at 504-248-3900.


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